• Breeder Profiles   ( 3 Articles )

    A selection of historic profiles of breeders who have been involved with breeding Irish Wolfhounds starting from the 1960s.  The articles are scanned from copies of 'The Irish Hound' and the text quality is not high enough in most of the scans to enable conversion from images to text. Some fascinating insights into the recent Wolfhound past.



  • Puppy Health & Nutrition   ( 1 Article )
    Puppies have different nutritional and care requirements from those of adult dogs.  These articles have been selected to shed some light on this subject.  Since these articles are mainly historic the viewpoints demonstrated may not chime with more recent investigations.
  • Current Breeders   ( 1 Article )
    A list of individuals who are interested in breeding Irish Wolfhounds for quality.  This list is updated according to the wishes of those who want to be included on the list.  It is not a recommendation of the breeder by the IWCI. Those included are members of the IWCI.
  • Breed Standard   ( 2 Articles )
    The written standards against which the Irish Wolfhound is assessed.
  • Artificial Insemination (AI)   ( 1 Article )
    AI has become widely used but a perceived problem is that the dog and/or bitch may be incapable of attaining union naturally.  To cope with this the IKC is considering additional regulations for animals bred as a result of AI.

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