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my first wolfhound
Posted Sunday, 01 May 2011 By becky posey
I live in Florida and was introduced to the wolfhound through my good friend from the UK who lives here now managing a private hunting preserve. I was raised on a dairy farm however pets were not allowed in my household. Animals were for profits only. Long story short I have had the honor of raising these 2 wolfhound pups now a year old and I have never been so in love since my own 2 sons were born. I am blessed to have known their devotion and their company. I shall never keep another breed and am eager to promote the future of the wolfhound.
Wolfhound art
Posted Sunday, 22 January 2012 By Denis Power
Hi my name is Denis and I am an artist from Waterford. Irish Wolfhounds have long held a place in my heart as I grew up with our own wolfhound Oisin. As an artist, wolfhounds have been a continued source of inspiration for me, popping up in my artwork many times. For anyone who would like to see my work, please visit my website or
To much inbreeding in Rocky Mt.
Posted Saturday, 17 November 2012 By Dana O'Brien
Hello, Thank you for reading this. I have been graced with 3 of these lovelies. My first girl, Floydette (Ya, I know strange name, different story) came from a breeder in the metro area. I had her spayed. My second, a male, named Toto, came from Kansas. He never sired any either. My choice. Aptly named, as he garnered that as a 12 week old pup crossing back into Colorado.Now, wolfie number three, a female, Mollie Banshee, came from Grand Junction, Colorado. All three are closely related, and I am now seeing some of their kin in Minnesota as well.

With this limited gene pool I am seeing liver and thyroid related related morbidity. And Mollie, is now a two-year old beauty, and is a to the T breed standard. However, a proper boyfriend for the lovely lass seems to be doomed at best. Unless she is bred outside her breed. Which I am not inclined to do so. AI is an option I know, but that too is doomed in our current economy.

So, why am I relating this here? I just want someone to hear my concerns for the American IW's.
The current gene pool is indeed limited, and it does not look promising for successive breeding done by individual owners. And having spent the last fifteen years or so living with a hound in my life, I don't think I am barking at shadows. I think this is a valid insight based on my experiences with mine, past and present, and what I am seeing with other independent IW people in this region. Thanks at least for reading my concern.
Posted Thursday, 19 November 2009 By Charlie
Much easier to navigate. How about some more pictures?
Ireland Bred pups
Posted Wednesday, 30 December 2009 By 68
are the ireland bred pups better than usa bred?
Ireland v USA
Posted Monday, 25 January 2010 By Tony Dunne
Hi Rita

Its not really about what country the pups come from but more about the stock they are produced from. Any breeder worth his or her salt should be able to provide you with a pedigree for any puppy you might be interested in. This will show you the pups family line on both the bitch and dogs side and if any of them have been made up to be chanpions. You can then do some research on these kennel names to make sure that you are buying a quality puppy that is free from inherited health problems. If this is your first time to own a dog then I would not advise taking on a wolfhound. You need to know what your doing when you give a home to a wolfhound. They are great family dogs but not for 1st timers.
So Rita as an Irishman I could have told you that yes Irish Pups are the best pups to buy but its the quality of the breeding parents and the care the pups get from the time their born until they are ready for their new home (betwen 8/10 weeks) that produce good healthy puppys. Kind regards Tony
Just a response
Posted Wednesday, 27 October 2010 By Ross A.
I am situated in Canada and do some rescue work for abandoned animals. Very recently I and a friend went up to a pound with 2 dogs slated for euthanasia. One is a Black Shepherd and the other a L'aso Apso mix. Upon getting there the girl at the pound had a Irish Wolfhound. Through logistics and situation, the wolfhound has now been gotten away from the pound as a rescue. He is one of the kindest friendliest dogs I have ever met. He loves people, shows no dominance over other dogs, He does not display any traits that are mean even whilst having his muzzle clipped, or getting cleaned up. From what I have read on this breed...this is a normal trait. "Liam" as we have named him is a wonderful and friendly dog and would be a credit to anyone's life.
If I could take him on I would...but my living situation dictates that I cannot.
1st experienece with this breed.....and "Liam" has won me over. When a home is found..his people will be the ones in awe of such an animal.
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