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We have been scanning some of the books that are in the copyright of the club so that they can be seen by a wider audience.  The first experimental version is 'The Irish Wolfdog' by Edmund Hogan, S.J. first printed in 1897 together with 'The Irish Wolfhound' by Gaptain Graham.  The scanned version is from the book published by the club in 1972.

There are a number of scanning errors apparent.  Primarily these are due to the conversion of the text images to the equivalent text letters with the intention of preparing downloadable copies for portable book readers and smart phones.  The converter that we are using does not do a perfect job but I hope that the quality is sufficient to allow enjoyment in reading this historic document.  Perhaps we will be able to improve the quality with more practice!

The pages of the 'book' may be turned by placing the cursor on the bottom outer corner of the page and either clicking to flip the page or dragging the corner to turn the page.


The Irish Wolfdog     Edmund Hogan, S.J.    1897  as republished in 1972 by the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

References, Index & notes


The Irish Wolfhound     Captain G.A. Graham   1879/1885 as republished in 1972 by the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland



Notes and Index




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