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1   Link   Gretchen Bernardi
Longevity and Morbidity in the Irish Wolfhound
in the United States
2   Link   Lifespan
This study investigates lifespan, causes of death and genetic parameters in the Irish Wolfhound.
3   Link   Irish Wolfhound Foundation
To identify the types and prevalence of health problems affecting the Irish Wolfhound, and to initiate, support and provide funding for study and research projects which address them.
4   Link   Irish Wolfhound Health Group of Northern Ireland
Osteosarcoma and other health issues in the Irish Wolfhound
5   Link   Wolfhouse
The State of the Irish Wolfhound:
Is it Possible to Breed Toward Better Health and Longevity?
6   Link   Osteosarcoma
What Where When
7   Link   APGAW Pedigree Dog Health Report
The Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare has a report generated after the BBC 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' called into question the validity of 'Breed Standards'